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Fast-track Innovation
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Accelerate your net zero pathways at scale with Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0
A hybrid, high-pace, non-equity dilutive accelerator for mature startups

Transform. Innovate. Accelerate.

Receive training in digital growth and leadership development

Centered on the needs of advanced startups, the program is designed to spur co-innovation and acceleration through energy partnerships: cohort 1.  

Leading energy organizations will commit to working with startups to solve their clean energy and decarbonization challenges. Industry and thought leaders from around the world will mentor on topics of energy, digital technology, investment, public policy, innovation, advanced research and more.  

A second cohort of early-stage (pre-seed) startups who offer disruptive solutions to solve a broader list of climate challenges will be selected to join part of the program. They will receive training in digital growth and leadership development: cohort 2 (CEA Initiate).


Primary Challenges Focus Areas


Nano technologies ǀ Metal Organic Frameworks ǀ Polymer electro-catalysts ǀ Organic semiconductors ǀ Novel electrolyzer components ǀ Advanced membranes, Superconductors ǀ Others


Long duration battery storage  ǀ Lithium-ion  ǀ Zinc and abundant material based storage  ǀ  Flexible batteries ǀ Portable Storage  ǀ Fast Charging  ǀ other


H2 as a fuel ǀ  H2 in fuel cells  ǀ  H2 for offshore shipping  ǀ H2 Transportation ǀ Hydrogen refueling stations for forklifts cars and trucks  ǀ Pipeline repurposing for H2 


Synthetic biology & microbial solutions ǀ Reservoirs sequestration ǀ Direct air capture ǀ CO2 to fuel & material transformation ǀ Molten salt ǀ Electrochemical & thermochemical capture ǀ Others


24/7 carbon-free authentication &  traceability ǀ Grid resource allocation  ǀ Real-time demand management ǀ Trading  ǀ Smart device management, Marketplaces  ǀ Other  


Grid resilience ǀ  Infrastructure security  ǀ  Security of cyber-physical systems  ǀ Space system based security & resilience ǀ Deployment automation implementation ǀ other  

Secondary Challenges Focus Areas

Asset & Equipment Carbon
Efficiency Optimization

Carbon Accounting

Blockchain Authentication
& Transparency

Wind Energy

Carbon & Emissions
Monitoring & Tracking

Regenerative Agriculture
& Forestry

Geothermal Optimization


Climate Modeling

Nuclear Energy

Solar Energy

Renewable Energy
Intermittency Technologies

What are the benefits?



Timeline of Events


November 10th 2022


January 3rd 2023, 5pm US Central Time


February 2023


March 6th 2023

Sprint 1: Amazon Immersion – Clean Energy Acceleration Lab – Cohort 1

Early Q2 2023, Seattle, United States

Sprint 2: Accelerator Training and Piloting Phase (12 weeks) – Cohort 1
Digital Foundations and Leadership Program (6 weeks) – Cohort 2 (CEA Initiate)

Mid Q2 – Q3 2023, Virtual

Sprint 3: International Exchange Program – Cohort 1

Q3 2023  Abu Dhabi, UAE (In Collaboration with Masdar)

Sprint 4: Innovation Showcase – Cohort 1

Early November 2023, Dubai Expo, UAE

*The schedule above may be subject to alterations at AWS’s discretion.

Innovation Showcase

We are excited to invite you to the Innovation Showcase for the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 around COP 28 in Dubai Expo, UAE.  The event will feature the startups selected from our global pool of innovators from all over the world.

The Innovation Showcase will be an interactive, in-person, can’t-miss event! The selected startups and innovators in the Clean Energy and Climate Tech space will exhibit their latest products and solutions. The event will feature presentations, panel discussions and Q&A from the accelerator startups, Amazon, private and public sectors, and leading energy companies.

Supporting Partners

Additional supporting partners will be added

Recent Supporting Partners



Hybrid Greentech

“We’ve been in several accelerators, both Danish Accelerators and European, but it has actually been the AWS accelerator that has moved the company the most”

Rasmus Mosbaek,
Founder and CEO


Uprise Energy

“Hearing directly from the corporates and being able to engage directly with the corporates was the highlight of this whole experience”

Jonathan Knight,
Co-founder and CEO


Smart Pulse

“The biggest gain was, we met with Amazon energy production….we introduced our solution to them and now we are doing a PoC study with them which is a huge project for us”

Ozan Korkmaz,



“The biggest learning from the accelerator was the insights from the Amazon team, you know, quite special to deep dive into how they think, their innovation processes and obviously some of the really interesting activities they’re working on”

Stuart Philpot,
Co-Founder and CEO


Shifted Energy

“Over 3,000 families in low income communities in Hawaii are now participating in clean energy integration programs and getting bill credits…. Through the Clean Energy Accelerator program, and utilizing the cloud, we are scaling our solution globally, and empowering building managers and residents with the opportunity to support clean energy in their communities.”

Olin Lagon,
Founder and CTO Interview


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CEA 3.0?

AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0 (CEA 3.0) program will comprise 14-weeks of total content spread over 6 months and divided into 4 sprints (3 in-person sprints, and 1 virtual). We offer expert-led workshops, mentorship, and network access to help startups advance digitally, co-innovate with energy companies, and facilitate potential pilots in clean energy with some of the biggest energy customers in the industry.

The program is structured to facilitate ongoing conversations between startups and partners to refine value propositions, seed pilot projects, deploy pilots and explore investment opportunities.

The chosen finalists will receive technical, business, and go-to-market mentorship from AWS; up to $100,000 each in AWS Activate Credit through AWS Activate to kick-start their data and operations transformation in the cloud. Cohort 2 (CEA Initiate) will receive (up to $25,000 in AWS service credits and up to $5,000 in AWS business support credits.   Additionally, the selected startups will gain access to guidance in using Amazon’s Culture of innovation and Working Backwards Mechanism to achieve solution alignment and accelerate pilots. The finalists will also receive visibility and overall guidance from supporting partners such as The Climate Pledge Fund.

Do I have to relocate myself or the team to join the program?

No. At a minimum, a member of the Executive Leadership team, which includes; Founder, Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Chief Digital Officer (CDO), will need to attend the core in-person and virtual sessions. Additional team members are encouraged to attend any and all virtual and in-person sessions.

How do I apply for the program?

You can apply to the program by clicking here.

Please note that partners will be able to review your application immediately once your application has been submitted. If you have any issue with account creation or application submission, please contact us.

What happens when the application is submitted?

The selection committee will review the application once it is submitted and may contact you soon after submission in case additional information is required for assessment. You will start hearing back from AWS via email in early February whether you’ve made it as a semi-finalist or not. Final selection will be made by early March and startups will be notified in writing and announced by March 6th 2023 on various media platforms.

How is a startup’s IP treated by the Program and its partners?

You acknowledge that the management and protection of your intellectual property is your sole responsibility, both during the application phase and, if selected as a participant, during your participation in the Program.

You may be required to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your IP with participating piloting partners (Energy and Utility Companies from the Program) and supporting partners where applicable, as potential pilots advance based on the level of protection you require. If you require more guidance on this topic please Contact us

Will AWS be charging for startups to join the Program?

There are no charges or fees required to participate in the Program. This is a non-equity-dilutive accelerator focused on accelerating co-innovation. The only costs you will incur will be the logistics costs to attend the in-person portions of the Program, as well as, the time commitment required throughout the Program. Some travel expenses may be covered by the supporting partner for the International Exchange Program, subject to approval.

How long is the Program?

There are roughly 14 weeks of  accelerator content, spread over 6 months and  divided into 4 sprints (3 in-person sprints, and 1 virtual). The Program will be concluded in early November with an  in-person innovation showcase event that will take place in the United Arab Emirates.

Does a startup need to attend all 14 weeks?

Yes, this is a crucial commitment required for the program. If you have any doubts about your executive team’s availability to participate, don’t apply. Startup founder, co-founder, CTO or CDO must attend the entire Program and participate actively. You must commit one of your founders/executives in addition to any relevant working teams.

What happens after the Program?

The Program concludes with the innovation showcase. Startups and Program partners often continue to work together beyond the Program. Startups can still stay in touch with the connections they have made at AWS to provide piloting or other support where needed.

Startups that attend the Program become part of the CEA Alumni, which provides continued access to a global network of partners, other startups, founders, mentors and invitations to participate (in the form of a booth space, demo/presentation opportunity or both) at various international AWS-owned events and/or at third-party events and conferences that AWS is sponsoring or participating in.

I am interested in partnering with AWS Clean Energy Accelerator 3.0, is there someone I can speak with?

We are always interested in exploring innovative collaboration opportunities. If you are interested in being involved in the program, please Contact us

Do I need to be an AWS customer to apply?

No, applications are open to everyone.

Does my company need to be incorporated?

Yes, you must be incorporated and provide proof of registration if requested by AWS or any of the Program partners

Can I get more details about your selection criteria?

The selection committee will assess startups based on:

  1. Team: Credible team, relevant qualifications and experience.
  2. Product:
    Have a market-ready solution with at least early customers (not idea-stage)
    Proven track record and innovative or disruptive, differentiated from existing solutions, that is scalable and exhibits sustainable competitive advantage potential
    – Have a large addressable customer segment to facilitate significant sales growth.
  3. Business Model: viable business model based on credit, commercial and economic assumptions.
  4. Program Fit: relevance of the technology to the challenge areas of the Program.
Will the Program require a background check on the company and its founders?

Yes, a 3rd party professional vendor will conduct background checks on finalists shortlisted for the program prior to the announcement of the startups selected to participate.

What happens in the Amazon Immersion Sprint?

The purpose of this in-person kickoff is to allow for all the parties to meet, including speed-dating, pitches and reverse pitches  while getting a full immersion into the Amazon culture, facilities and technologies. The agenda will include site visits and discussions to allow for a truly immersive experience.

 What happens at the International Exchange Sprint?

The goal for this event is for the startups to learn more about a fast-growing dynamic region, and the business environment of one of the leading clean energy initiatives sponsored by the UAE government and private sector companies.

The program will be an in-person event over 2-3 days, where startups will hear from senior level government entities about the country’s growth plans, economic outlook and business environment, as well as, get presentations by their industry partners in the cleantech space.

What else should I know?

For more information please visit our Terms and Conditions